DIY: Bracelet

You'll need two old bracelets (or some chain and
locks from a craft store), yarn, a tapestry needle
and a pair of knitting needles.

Cast on stitches by using a tapestry needle.
I cast here two stitches per loop.

Purl the first row. Remember to knit to the front
of the stitch. Continue with stocking stitch until
your bracelet is wide enough.

After 4 rows I'm done. 

Cast off by using a tapestry needle. Pass the needle
through each stitch and then through the chain
- in this case twice per each loop.

Finish off by brick stitching the edge. It will
make both edges look similar and make the bracelet
more sturdy. If you used old bracelets then you
already have the locks in place. If you used a chain
instead then you can choose the lock mechanism
of your choice from your local craft store.


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