Fisherman's rib

Holli Rogers from Net-A-Porter / photo

Beige version with cropped skinny jeans / photo

Oversized with a mini skirt / photo

Fisherman's rib is a true classic and one of my all time favorite patterns. It works especially well in an oversized version but then you should balance it out with skinny jeans or bare legs - unless you're tall and slender like Holli. 


DIY: Bracelet

You'll need two old bracelets (or some chain and
locks from a craft store), yarn, a tapestry needle
and a pair of knitting needles.

Cast on stitches by using a tapestry needle.
I cast here two stitches per loop.

Purl the first row. Remember to knit to the front
of the stitch. Continue with stocking stitch until
your bracelet is wide enough.

After 4 rows I'm done. 

Cast off by using a tapestry needle. Pass the needle
through each stitch and then through the chain
- in this case twice per each loop.

Finish off by brick stitching the edge. It will
make both edges look similar and make the bracelet
more sturdy. If you used old bracelets then you
already have the locks in place. If you used a chain
instead then you can choose the lock mechanism
of your choice from your local craft store.



Kimono belt

The Row AW13 / Style.com

I just fell in love when I saw The Row AW13 collection. I especially loved the styling of this particular outfit which has two of my favorite things: black/navy color combination and an oversized sweater. But what really inspired me was the styling. Oversized sweaters have the tendency to make you appear huge even if you are petite but since the hem is slightly tucked under the skirt it shows your waistline. This is emphasized by the wide satin band which looks like a kimono belt. I need to try this sweater/kimono belt combination with skinny jeans and high heels. I think it would make a great everyday outfit.



Maison Martin Margiela from Net-a-Porter
Maison Martin Margiela does amazing directional but totally wearable knitwear. I love this one from Net-a-Porter. Just might have to order it...


Cute summer clutch

Wool and the Gang - Hold Tight Clutch (by Hannah)

One of my favorite knitwear companies Wool and the Gang has just released their Gang Collection which features also this cute clutch in several cool color combinations. I especially love this one in jog grey / fluoro pink by Hannah.


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